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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bigger Photo of Lancing Madura

My August 26 post about the Indonesian fishing boat Lancing Madura included only a small photo, and some readers rightly asked if a larger one was available. It took me a while to get hold of one, but here it is, along with a series of photos showing this Java Sea fishing gole'an under construction. The boat is on a mooring in the Rockland, Maine, harbor, and a very striking boat she is, with a lovely sweeping sheer.
Construction features to note:
  • construction starts on the basis of a dugout-like base
  • pegs are used to edge-fasten one strake to another
  • a chain-fall or come-along is used to force the strakes down against their neighbors
  • the use of fire, not steam, in bending the planks

Photos courtesy of Lance Lee/The Tremolino! Project


  1. Hi Bob-

    Not sure if you have noticed, but I have been playing with new Google Map features to create a Traditional Boats of the World map: http://www.chineblog.com/archives/271-Traditional-Boats-of-the-World-Chine-bLog-is-mapping-the-boats-we-love.html. I have begun going through your blog and using content you have found, pointing back to your pieces. I assume you are cool with this; let me know if you have any thoughts on direction and such. I love the stuff you have.


  2. Hi
    There two very interesting books in french about many traditional indonesian boats with hundreds of photos from 1970 - 1996, also with some of (there called) golekans. One of the most beautiful boats in my opinion.
    "Equipages et Voiliers" by Paul Piollet, ISBN 2-9509776-6-9 and ISBN 2-9509776-5-0


  3. Hi
    There are two very interesting french books about indonesian boats with hundreds of photos from 1970 - 1996 also with some photos of (there called) golekans. "Equipages et Voiliers" by Paul Piollet, ISBN 2-9509776-6-9 and ISBN 2-9509776-5-0.

  4. The name of the boat isn't Lancing Madura but Lanceng Madura. It mean 'boy from Madura Island'