Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chine bLog, Fine Blog

The fine blog Chine bLog is subtitled "Messing about in wooden, traditional, and tradition-inspired boats." Tim Shaw, the blog's owner, just alerted me to a very cool function on his blog, in which he's using GoogleEarth to identify the locations of various traditional boat types around the world, and we're pleased to know that he's using some of the information from this blog as content for his map. Take a look:

If the map appears blank, click it and it'll appear. Then click the various flags on the map for details and photos of the boat types indigenous to the area.

By the way, a chine log is a longitudinal timber on flat- and v-bottom boats, located at the intersection of the boat's sides and bottom, generally on the inside of the hull (although it's not unheard of to place it on the outside). Chine bLog is a clever pun.

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