Sunday, September 12, 2010

Irish Man Finds Ancient Dugout Canoe -- Again

This "news" may be a half-year old, but it's amusing nonetheless.

According to an article in the Irish Times, Peter Dempsey, mayor of Arklow, County Wiklow, Ireland, was feeding ducks by a local bridge and noticed what appeared to be a dugout canoe protruding from the mud of the riverbank. Sure enough, it was. But what's odd is that in 1966, the same thing happened to the same guy. The first canoe, although documented in situ, wasn't recovered, and when he made his find in April 2010, he thought that he might be looking at the same canoe, newly uncovered by recent rains. Turns out, it's a different canoe, and this one stands a better chance of being recovered for long-term study. 

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