Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jangada VIdeos and Stills

Once again, friend and fellow jangada fan Silvio Antunha has steered me to some great material about jangadas, the Brazilian sailing raft which evolved into a plank-built hull of similar form.

Non-Portuguese speakers will only be able to appreciate the images in this first video, "The Last Jangada Man," but Silvio tells me that Master Eremilson, the eponymous jangadeiro, travelled 4,000 km. along the coast of Brazil on a jangada in 1972. There are extended segments where he speaks to the camera, but in between are a few segments showing the boat in its modern form, and several old black and white clips showing the earlier raft form. At about 7:30, there's a great clip of a bunch of the sailors taking one over the surf like a big sailboard.

While you're there on YouTube, search for "jangada" -- there's a surprising number of videos about them.

Then for good measure, look what you get when you search the term for images in  in the Portuguese version of Google. Dozens of lovely shots!

This one cracks me up: a putative jangada made of empty pop bottles.
The photo was taken by a Peace Corps worker in Brazil. Source is here.

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