Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bronze Age Boatbuilders Knew Something We Don't

Unique and baffling construction details on the replica Dover Bronze Age boat. I say baffling because the replica was unsuccessful, so even its builders didn't understand how some of these features worked. Photo from Robin Wood.
One of my earliest blog posts was about the Dover  Bronze Age boat, and a few months later I reported on the early stages of an effort to build a replica (or recreation), to test archaeological theories about what the missing parts of the boat were like, and how it performed.

That recreation effort came to a disappointing conclusion recently, when the finished boat failed to float, as reported in Robin Wood's blog here. At the bottom of that particular post are links to all the previous posts detailing the project. And Robin's next post, here, contains more of a wrap-up, including more photos of the finished boat and the news that the replica was named Ole Crumlin-Pederson, for the renowned boat researcher who consulted on the project and who passed away before it was completed.

(This post previously included a time-lapse video showing the construction of a bronze age boat that I mistakenly associated with the Ole Crumlin-Pederson described above. It has since been removed and placed in the following post.)

Thanks to Edwin Deady of Dark Age Boats for this news.


  1. The next instalment of the construction of the Bronze Age Boat, currently being built in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall will be posted on youtube on approximately Wednesday 6th June. Each episode will show the previous months work. Each episode will be watered down into approximately 4 minutes of footage! Every week there are in the region of 20,000 images taken.

  2. Readers: Paul Harry is commenting on a video previously included in this post, which I had mistakenly believed was part of the project to replicate the Dover Bronze Age Boat. In fact, the video documents a different but simultaneous British bronze age boat replica project (Ferriby 1). I have moved it to the next blog post. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
    Bob Holtzman