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Bob Holtzman, Viking longboat, Waterford Eire
I've been involved with boats, marine issues, writing, and editing most of my adult life. Before re-entering academia at a rather late stage in life, I founded (and later sold) Mythic Gear, manufacturer of America's lowest-cost drysuits for paddlesports. Previously, I was Communications Director and Membership Coordinator at Penobscot Marine Museum and, before that, an acquisition editor for International Marine Publishing/McGraw-Hill, where I helped bring 40-odd books on boating and outdoor sports to life. 
I've written books on camping and wilderness survival, a series of children's books about boats, and dozens of articles for boating, business, and outdoor magazines and newspapers. I blog about boats from non-Western cultures at IndigenousBoats.com. I hold Masters degrees in Marine Affairs from University of Rhode Island and Maritime Archaeology from University of Southampton. For my Masters dissertation in archaeology, I conducted the first broad analysis of logboat repairs in Britain and Ireland. My PhD work focuses on the dugout canoes of the Warrau people of Guyana. 
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