Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Good Turn

Came across this fine blog recently: Maritime Compass is blogged by Heather Hernandez, who's a technical services librarian at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park's J. Porter Shaw Library. Here's what it's about, in the blog's own words:
A review of current happenings in Maritime Studies, Maritime Compass includes information on Library and Museum events, Scholarly conferences or meetings, book reviews, news items, or just plain old interesting maritime facts.

Heather was kind enough to give Indigenous Boats a very nice plug, and I'm only too pleased to return the favor.

It's interesting stuff, and well worth subscribing to a feed, because she posts frequently and will likely announce something of interest to anyone who reads this blog. Her most recent is a fascinating discourse on
how pulp fiction influences people's perception of maritime activities. Good point, too. Who has more influence on people's perception of sharks, for example: Cousteau, or Benchley?

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