Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Take on the Stitch-and-Glue Dugout

Chesapeake Light Craft, one of the largest suppliers of boat kits for "stitch and glue" (a.k.a., taped seam, tack-and-tape, etc.) construction, has posted info. on a great new product.

I only hope this will still be here after April 1.

By the way, "einbaum" is German for dugout canoe, literally "one tree."

Thanks to buddy Jean Paul Vellotti for this one.


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    With Regars,

    Swarup Bhattacharyya

  2. I missed the Chesapeake dugout kit in April but it is a brilliant idea. After coracles and currachs I believe that the next big thing in ancient craft reproduction will be dugouts. Once one realises that their weight in smaller sizes is not prohibitive then they become a viable proposition for getting afloat in the past.

    There are ready-made logboats favailable from a German firm which imports them from Africa and I saw that Tuck's Boatyard in London. England, had a couple of larger logboats for in an auction.

    I intend using a dugout bottom or keel plank in my Bronze Age boat repro of the Roos Carr model and am fortunate to have recently acquired a very small wood to provide me with the raw material.

  3. Edwin,
    I wrote about the German importer here:
    Please keep us up to date on your Bronze age repro and send pictures!
    The Chesapeake Light Craft "kit" is, of course, an April Fool's joke.