Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sampans in Hong Kong Harbor

Friend John Meader spent a couple days in Hong Kong recently and kindly allowed me to use these photos of the sampans he observed in the harbor.  All photos may be clicked for an enlarged view.
The modern powered sampan looks like similar to the traditional man-powered variety.

The very high topsides obviously improve capacity and weather protection over more traditional models. Typically heavy used-tire fendering indicates these boats are used roughly.

Any notion what the odd pipe structure at the bow is?

Sampan as billboard.

Billboard boat crossing in front of a tour-boat sampan.

Look at the amount of water this flat-fronted boat is pushing!

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  1. Regarding worn-tire fendering: it's not that the craft are used 'roughly'; but rather that when these boats are moored overnight, often they can be moored together (in Canada we would call this 'rafting up' alongside another vessel)in clusters and not tied alongside a wharf or dock finger.