Thursday, August 11, 2011

Northwest Dugout Gathering

A couple weeks ago there was an amazing gathering of 70 or more Northwest-Indian-style canoes in LaConner, Washington. Most were true dugouts, but a few were replicas produced by other means -- fiberglass, strip-plank, etc. Some great photos in this post on the WoodenBoat Forum. (Scroll down and you'll also see a few great shots of a Maori dugout and a few other dugout oddities.) I had no idea that the native people of the US and Canadian northwest were so active in reproducing and using these beautiful boats.


  1. Thanks very much for this post. Lovely craft indeed and inspirational for my own research.

  2. we "pullers" on the Annual Tribal Journey do not call them "boats" unless you are prepared to be lectured for it!

  3. Anon-
    Would be interested to know if you have an outright objection to calling northwest Indian-style canoes "boats", or if you're only clarifying that "pullers" don't use the term. (It's very common for canoeists to refer to their craft as boats.) If there's an outright objection, I'd be interested to learn the rationale.
    While we're at it: is a "puller" a paddler of this type of canoe?

  4. Calling a tribal canoe a "boat" is grounds for a quick toss in the river. You've been warned. lol