Monday, August 14, 2023

Download Audemard's "History of the Junk" Free

A Chinese ship shaped like a dragon. From L. Audemard, Les Jonques Chinoises, vol. 1, plate 29. 

And the first shall be last.

Now available for free download is the first volume of L. Audemard's 10-volume series, Les Jonques Chinoises, Vol. 1: Histoire de la Jonque (1957). Volumes 2-10 are also available on this page.

With the exception of the photographic portrait of Capt. Audemard, below, all the illustrations are from historical Chinese sources, like the one at the top of this post. Like the other volumes in the series, the book is in French.

The series was published by the Museum Voor Land en Volkenkunde and Miritiem Museum "Prins Hendrik", which have given us permission to post them. Scans were made available by a generous enthusiast who wishes to remain anonymous.

Capitaine de Frégate L. Audemard. From volume 1 of his series Les Jonques Chinoises.

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