Thursday, March 5, 2009

Comments Posted

I'd like to steer your attention to interesting comments recently posted by readers:

  • Regarding the enormous size of dugout canoes observed by early European explorers to Brazil, take a look at Paul Lima's comment at the bottom of this post. Also see his website, The Endangered Coast.
  • A link to material on contemporary Brazilian dugouts was provided by reader Silvio Titanic Neruda , which can be found attached to my very first blog post, here. I was unable to open the link in the comment, but Silvio has provided me with some of the materials (and kindly translated some of the content from Portuguese), and I'll be posting this great input soon.

Many thanks to both contributors!

Readers, please feel free to get in touch with all kinds of content related to boats from outside the Western plank-on-frame tradition -- I'm only too glad to put it in front of other readers. That includes just about anything on traditional boat types from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, plus canoes, kayaks, and rafts from anywhere.

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